5 Moves LeBron Must Make (since he’s the GM)

I know the finals ended like yesterday but let’s do what we fans do best…..OVERREACT! Say what you want but we all thought the Juggernaut matchup that was Warriors vs. Cavs was going to be a better watch. I don’t think it was impossible for the Cavs to win but lets be honest. The Cavs didn’t have enough to compete. I guess LeBron knew this would happen. Months ago LeBron said “I need another fu*king  playmaker”. Well what moves should LeBron make as GM that would get them back to the chip and compete? Here’s 5……….

  1. Aaron Brooks

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers

Well after watching Deron Williams play in the finals……. He might’ve played his way out the league. The Cavs have to replace him with a backup Point that can score and knock down an open shot. I think Aaron Brooks  brings that to the table. He can put pressure on the defense and be a spark off the bench like he’s been most his career.


2.  Anthony Morrow


Hey, let me get this clear. I’m not asking Anthony Morrow to play 20-30 minutes but the Cavs need shooters. For 8-10 minutes why not have a 41% career 3pt shooter in the corner so Bron or Kyrie can iso without worrying about help defense so much.


3. Nene


It’s clear the Cavs need a backup Center that can be more of an offensive threat and still rebound. Nene brings that to the table. I’m not going to overreact after Tristan’s performance in the finals. He is still an asset to the Cavs, he rebounds and doesn’t mind not touching the ball. I still believe they need a center off the bench that wants the ball and will play with some grit. I don’t think Bron would mind having a Center that can hit a mid-range either.


4. Michael Beasley 


I know this kid has had trouble in the past but his actions over the last few years has shown a lot of maturity. I think Beasley can have an Lamar Odom effect for the Cavs off the bench. He just came off a year where he shot 53% from the field and 42% from the 3. He would be the perfect scoring option off the bench at the 4 spot. It also allows the Cavs to continue to play fast and prevent Bron or Kyrie from being doubled. And who knows, LeBron might be the mentor Beasley needs to change the tide of his career.


5. Tony Allen


Some of you might’ve not seen this coming but to me this is a no brainer. Cavs obviously needed somebody that can strap! Tony Allen is the best defender in this free agent class. He instills fear into offensive players. He’s the last of a dying breed. Tony might be the last dude to straight up strap KD and make him look not so unstoppable (see 2014 playoffs vs OKC). Iman didn’t bring that fire on defense or offense this year. Tony would be the upgrade Cavs need.


These moves aren’t perfect but I think these moves are realistic and are upgrades. If anything these moves would’ve made watching the finals a little more interesting. Comment or @ me on twitter (thekidfresh). Let me know what moves you would make. I’m out……






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